Raking In Free Money from RE Syndication with Art Morrison III

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That’s all real estate investing consists of — literally, making “free” money for yourself. Even for the uninitiated, real estate investing is a great avenue for true wealth and financial freedom. But most people feel it’s too risky to invest in it. Or they just don’t know how to get started. Thank goodness there are folks who DO know how to get started and they’re sharing their knowledge with you in this show…all for free! As Art Morrison III puts it: everyone needs real estate! Whether you’re in education, healthcare, and even religion, among many other sectors of society, you’re involved in land and real estate – which means there’s always money to be made here! Every RE deal is a good, nay, GREAT deal if you know your stuff! Thing is, few people realize that you can actually start investing without huge capital. It’s a matter of finding solutions to a problem, finding the right deals and finding the opportunity to make partner investments work for the entire team, including you. And former professional basketball player Art Morrison III is here to show you the way! After a rocky childhood, Art went on to play collegiate basketball at a D2 school on scholarship, and eventually to professional basketball in Portugal. Following his retirement from basketball, he single-handedly built a basketball camp for children. While still trying to figure out how he would build his wealth, Art found real estate and did over $2.5 million in transactions in his first 2 years. He quickly moved from wholesaling and flipping to doing full syndications. Today, Art and his team have done over $6 million in transactions, across 15 properties, in only 3 years. He now seeks to teach young adults how to get into the REI game and expedite their path to financial freedom through syndicating early on. What’s the difference between RE wholesaling, flipping, and syndication deals? What are debts, arbitrage, and opportunity costs? How can you create true financial wealth with this information?

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