Going for the Big Wins in Real Estate with Pro Ball Player Art Morrison III

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It seems the odds are stacked against Art Morrison III – from his humble beginnings as a child of working-class parents, his father’s frequent forays in prison, constant school moving, parent’s divorce, repeated injuries that strained his basketball career. When he was younger, only his all-consuming love for basketball fueled his drive and determination to make it big as a professional athlete in his chosen sport. Fast-forward to today, Art now heads a private equity firm, United Home Relief, that in than two years posted multimillion-dollar transactions, buying, flipping, and renting homes. He’s winning big in the sport of real estate investing.

What happened to his basketball career? How did he rise above the challenges? What became of his family? How did he end up in real estate? Art will answer all these questions in our episode today. Hear him talk about his remarkable journey of overcoming obstacles, and unlocking his ‘superhuman’ to achieve his goals.

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Key Points From This Episode:   

  • Art talks about his early years, his tough beginnings, and his first love – basketball. 
  • Overcoming the challenges in his basketball career and family life fueled his desire to become an entrepreneur.
  • What triggered Art’s desire to go into the real estate business in particular? 
  • Art self-educates about real estate and lands his first deal.
  • Art continued to learn from his mentor and succeeded in more deals.
  • Art educates himself about branding and builds his organization, his company, and his brand to gain credibility. 
  • Art’s advice for newcomers in real estate syndication.
  • How did real estate change Art’s family?
  • Art’s source of new investors.
  • Art’s top two social media platforms and how he uses them in his business.
  • The number one thing that’s contributed to Art’s success.
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