Art Morrison III

Meet the former Professional Athlete turned Author, Business Consultant and Public Speaker known as Art Morrison III

Art Morrison III is an Entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses. He is an author of the book “Overcome” and a professional Basketball Player giving back to the community through youth basketball training giant, “AboveMAX Basketball”. He also provides small business solutions to corporations with twenty employees or less through Morrison Enterprise, LLC. Art is highly driven by adversity faced throughout his life and has used his story to inspire countless others worldwide. He is passionate about the community and seeks to help others delve into the world of entrepreneurship and business.

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As a seven figure entrepreneur, Art still has a real estate coach, a business mentor and a finance consultant! In business, no matter how smart you think you are its important to seek mentorship, coaching and consultation.

Art uses his own experiences and obstacles as a professional basketball player and entrepreneur to help motivate and inspire your team to succeed. Book Art to speak at your next event!


In a hybrid of autobiography and self development, Art Morrison III offers his inspiring story as a template for readers to write their very own Superhuman story. Identifying the obstacles already conquered in ones life is the key to unlocking that Superhuman.
With Overcome as a step by step guide, readers are provided with the perfect format needed. Taking a journey with Art through his past is certain to motivate and propel the reader into their own Superhuman.


The Key to Unlocking your Superhuman

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what others are saying

I came to Art with a vision and design drawn out on notebook paper. He not only brought my vision to life, but he gave me great advice on ways I can help grow my business. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the services and will be returning each year!
Willeen Capehart
Founder, She Can Hoop
When it comes to business development, Art does a great job with brainstorming ideas, and coming up with different ways to execute a plan. Art has helped with many video projects and the logistics of the software use behind each edit. Art does an exceptional job of predicting the future of different industries.
Mason Robinson
CEO, Shock The World, LLC
Art has been a mentor to me for years as a professional and friend. He has advised me on numerous business decisions about my clothing line from understanding and the design of different fabrics to effective shipping techniques. His knowledge has made manufacturing decisions effortless. Art is the type of professional everyone needs in their corner, a humble stand up professional who comes with tons of knowledge and positive uplifting messages that motivates people to overcome any adversity.
Jabari Jackson
Founder, #RespectMyLife

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Art Morrison III

The former Professional Athlete turned Author, Consultant and Public Speaker known as Art Morrison III!

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